I’m You Ho Kim, the 62nd Chairperson of The Korean Society of Cardiology(KSC).

KSC has become one of the best societies thanks to the effort and passion of our members. I am really honored to be the Chairperson of KSC which is the authoritative society with the long history and I feel heavy responsibility.

We need to lead the development of prevention and treatment for heart disease and produce the academic results. Also, we need to be able to voice our opinions on the establishment and implementation of government’s health care policy.

To this end, I will do my best with our executive members and I politely ask for your attention and a lot of advice.

Thank you

President, The Korean Society of Cardiology
You Ho Kim

Our society now has a history of 60 years and is a well-recognized society not only within Korea, but throughout the world. I would like to deeply thank everyone who has sacrificed in order to build up such a society and for the health of the public.

So far, our society has made a tremendous growth. Many outstanding researches have been presented in international conferences and published in prestigious journals. We have also branched out to different fields and we are all working hard in our own place for even further growth. However, the future ahead of us is not going to be as smooth as our past has been. Therefore, we need to aim for improvement through more cooperation, and strive for a betterment of public health.

The vision that I desire to lead the society with is to give more opportunities to young researchers and construct a condition where many scientists and physicians in various fields within the cardiovascular medicine are able to participate in our society. Also, I would like to focus on producing research results that could potentially influence the public and the government’s decisions on policy making by using our big data.

All this can only happen through your active participation and cooperation. Our board members, including myself, promise to faithfully fulfill our tasks for the society and we sincerely ask you for your active participation and words of advice.

Thank you

Korean Society of Cardiology
Kee-Sik Kim